About Safe Roof Systems

About Safe Roof Systems

Safe Roof Systems - Saving Money, Property and Lives - A Letter from the President

Dear Guest,

Thank you for stopping to visit us at Safe Roof Systems. Here is how we came to be and why we are still at it.

During the nearly 100 snow-inch winter of 1994 Mr. Jeff Canty, owner of a major commercial and industrial roofing company in Massachusetts, and Mr. Steven Lee, Corporate Manager of Store Facilities for Shaw's Supermarkets, realized that there had to be a way of better knowing when roof structures were overloading so that action could be taken - long before structural compromise or collapse occurred. They recognized that by knowing the state of the roof at any given time, they would better know when such activities as snow removal and drain maintenance were truly needed. In addition, they also discovered that these actions could be dramatically reduced, saving significant maintenance dollars and preventing more serious consequences.

Jeff and Steve worked together to develop the Safe Roof Systems portfolio of products that are individually designed to meet the needs of even the most challenging structural environments. They developed the world's first early warning system against roof collapse. By the spring of 1995, Jeff had completed and patented the Safe Roof System. He and Steve formed a management team to bring the product to market. And in 1996, Safe Roof Systems, Inc., became a Massachusetts corporation.

Since that time retail stores, factories, warehouses, cinemas, schools, and many others have benefited from the Safe Roof System. Factory Mutual has approved the Safe Roof System and each installation is backed by a $50 million dollar insurance policy from Lloyd's of London.

Today building owners, facility managers, customers, workers and the general public do not have to worry that the roof will come crashing down on them because Safe Roof Systems is always monitoring and always prepared to let us know when consideration must be given to the roof - long before expensive and dangerous trouble can wreak havoc or injury.

Now in 2008 it is my privilege to join the team as President following the most recent, and particularly dangerous, Winter. As buildings built as recently as 2005 (WalMart Distribution Center, Lewiston, Maine) and so many other schools, factories, warehouses and homes throughout the US and Canada collapsed, causing death, property loss, business interruption, school closings and so much expensive emergency snow removal. While the numbers will never be calculated, the costs of these events - all of which were either avoidable or could have been seriously less disastrous has Safe Roof's Systems been in place.

It is our mission to let everyone know that there is a better and safer way available to them. That you are on our site is evidence that such a solution is sorely needed. We welcome you in learning more about how such a solution can better our world and how we can help you in your mission.

Please don't hesitate to call me directly at 617-529-6134, or email me at tmagauran@senteck.com, if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way.

With thanks and best regards,

Tom Magauran


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