• Deflection Monitoring is considered the "reference standard" by experts when observing roof loads
  • More accurate than inferential sampling techniques
  • DMD sensors are mounted under the roof deck - protected from elements
  • Sensors supervised 24/7 by central control panel - automatic REALTIME e-mail notifications
The Deflection Monitoring Advantage

DMD-IP roof alarm systems by SRS provide REAL-TIME alerts when snow removal is needed.

Industry trends

A leading property insurer issues new guidance on Roof Snow Loading

Updates from ASCE have increased roof LIVE LOAD requirments.

New guidance represents increased awareness of:

  • Increased roof loads caused by Rain over snow weather events
  • Drifting conditions
  • Effects of adjacent structures

Understanding the Weight of Snow

For something that's often portrayed in media as plush, pillowed clouds of lighthearted winter joy, snow can come with a lot of strain for your roof. The key to understanding the weight of snow is simple in principle and complex in practice: it depends mostly on density. Essentially, the more packed with water, the more it weighs -- even though it might look the same from the outside.

A common way of measuring this density is through Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), which takes a look at how much of a given sample is comprised of water versus pockets of trapped air. Because this ratio can change quickly, the snow that measures at one weight today might be much heavier tomorrow. This frequent change in snow load is what makes deflection monitoring the most reliable way to keep your property safe.

At Safe Roof Systems, we use this technology to provide real-time updates that can inform you as changes happen. This allows us to provide increased awareness of:

  • Increased Roof Loads Caused By Rain over Snow
  • Drifting Conditions
  • Effects of Adjacent Structures

Our Advantage

If you own or manage a property that faces significant snowfall, our monitoring system is a worthwhile investment. Used as the “reference standard” by experts, it provides highly accurate e-mail updates that let you plan removal efforts as you need them. Learn more about the measurement of roof snow load by calling our team today.